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About Hangit Brand :

Hangit was the first and only exclusive hammocks and swings online selling portal in India when it was started in the year 2013 and understanding the drive of the founding members to build and sustain a business that believes and works towards global harmony and work place that basically produces products of joy & art was the real motivation behind the start up of the brand ‘’Hangit’’ way back in 2013.

These are operating in the global hammock market for more than 2 decades long, catering to some of the Fortune 500 companies in global market in the US, where Hammock is a tradition. US are the home to hammocks and the sole biggest market for such products and that’s what brings us from India, the land of traditional quality artisans and weavers, to the US, the land of people who appreciate this exclusive art of relaxation.

Hang It is the exclusive outdoor furniture brand of The Oak Tree Furniture, setup by a team that thrives in hammock making for the last 20 years.

Products :

Hammocks-Brazilian Hammocks, Fabric Hammocks, Quilted Hammocks, Rope Hammocks. Swings-Cotton Soft Swings, Cushioned Swings, Fabric Swings, Rope Swings. Double Hammocks-Fabric Hammocks, Pool Side Hammocks, Quilted Hammocks. Hammock + Stand-Fabric Combo, Quilted Combo, Rope Combo.

Contact Us :

The Oak tree furniture, 40 Central Street,, Rayapuram,

Tirupur, Tamil Nadu - 641601

Phone : +919940580001, +919842977867

Email : customer.care@hangit.co.in

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