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HIPPO - PE 95% Outdoor Sun Blocking Balcony Curtains Eyelet UV Protection, Sun Shading Light Filtering, Temperature Reducing 7.5 ft Door Curtain, Set of 2 pcs (Desert-Storm || 4.5FTX7.5FT) - Product Features
  • OUTDOOR BALCONY CURTAINS: HIPPO outdoor balcony curtains are expertly designed to provide harsh sunlight & UV protection from scorching summer heat. They are tailored to block the sun's intense rays effectively, ensuring a comfortable outdoor environment. These curtains offer impressive shading up to 95%, keep your space cool during the hottest days
  • PREMIUM QUALITY FABRIC: HIPPO outdoor curtains are known for its consistent quality. These curtains are crafted using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric infused with UV inhibitors. This advanced construction ensures UV protection, durability and longevity to withstand various weather conditions. The fabric is100% recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • CONTROLLED VENTILATION: HIPPO curtains are designed with a 230 GSM fabric to provide controlled ventilation & reducing inside temperature, gives a perfect balance between sun protection and airflow
  • RAIN-BLOCKING EFFICIENCY: HIPPO curtains are not waterproof but designed to handle light to moderate rain & allow controlled water passage. It keeps your outdoor area dry and functional
  • VISION BLOCKAGE vs SUN BLOCKAGE: Vision blockage will vary according to the amount of outdoor light & color of the product. Darker Color have more contrast and hence appear to provide less inside to outside vision blockage Lighter color will have less contrast and appear to provide increased visual blockage.
  • RUST FREE EYELET: The Curtains comes with the Rust-free Eyelet holding the fabric tight. It makes sliding mechanism of the curtains very smooth. It is ideal for location where the hanging rod is removable
  • HOLDING MECHANISM: The curtains come with belts featuring a self-adjacent locking system, ensuring effortless and secure curtain management while you relish the outdoor scenery
  • HOOK & FASTENERS MECHANISM: Designed for outdoor use, HIPPO curtains address the common issue of curtains fluttering in the wind. We have incorporated reinforced webbing at the bottom of the curtains. Additionally, each package includes hook fasteners, allowing you to secure the curtains firmly in place, preventing unwanted fluttering and ensuring a steady and comfortable outdoor experience
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR USE: HIPPO curtains offer versatile outdoor solutions, perfect for balconies, patios, verandas, terrace lounges and more
  • CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS: Explore the diverse range of unique colors offered by HIPPO, allowing you to customize & enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space while benefiting from exceptional functionality and protection.
STAR DECOR Polyester Solid Curtain, 7 Feet, Aqua Blue, Pack Of 3, Grommets(Eyelet)(Eyelet) - Product Features
  • Size-(WidthXHeight): (48 inch x 84 inch),(4 Feet x 7 Feet),Suitable for Door
  • Blocks 60% Direct Sunlight
  • 8 Iron Rings; 3 inch fold from bottom
  • Material: Polyester; Transparency: (Light Filtering) Lets sunlight brightens your room by allowing some light to pass through while giving you moderate privacy
  • Color-Aqua Blue ; Package Contents: 3 Piece Curtains
AIRWILL Cotton Paisley Grommet Eyelet Door Curtain, 4 X 7 Ft, Blue, Pack of 2, Grommets(Eyelet) - Product Features
  • Designed in India
  • 100% Cotton Material
  • Eyelet Model
  • Suitable for, Living Room, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen
  • More coordinated kitchen and table linen products are available in this design
  • Hand and Machine Washable
AIRWILL ? Cotton Blackout and Room Darkening 9ft Long Door Curtains Pack of 1 pc. (Floral - Orange,Green) - Product Features
  • 100% Cotton Material
  • Eyelet Model
  • Hand & Machine Washable
Amigos Hand Block Printed Cotton Curtains for Door Bedroom, Living Room and Kids Room, Set of 2 Curtains with Stainless Steel Rings (Multi Color Flower Cotton, Long Door 9Feet) - Product Features
  • Size : Length:-7feet , Width:- 4 feet ( 247cm x 120cm)
  • COTTON CURTAIN :- Our Premium Linen cotton fabric Curtains block only 65-80% light creating vibrance and positivity in the room. The rustic matte surface finish of cotton avoids the cheap shiny satin polyester look. These bestseller curtains are generously sized, catch less dust, hang elegantly and wash easily | Add your house a classic and sophisticated touch, thus you can easily blend these with your existing home decor.
  • MATERIAL & SHRINKAGE:- Dress up your home with rich colours of traditional cotton woven curtains, the curtains have a 4-inch fold at the bottom for an elegant fall | 100% thick (150 GSM) cotton with shrinkage controlled upto 4%. Being premium cotton, it catches less dust compared to polyester curtains.
  • STYLE: - Decorate your home with fresh effect, simple pattern has aesthetic look, decked out graceful and chic appearance to any space, creating a festive mood, perfectly match any home styles | Stainless Steel Rings - The curtains come with beautiful SS rings attached with it, the rings are stainless guaranteed to not get rusted.
  • FINISHING FABRIC: - The fabric is given the requisite amount of time for the colours to set properly. Thereafter, it is washed in water and dried in the sun. The beautifully designed printed fabric is now ready to be used to make fashion apparels, home furnishings, accessories and more products.
  • EASY TO CARE: - Can be machine washed in water temperatures less than 40 degree thus relieving you from the burden of getting your curtains dry cleaned each year. | Make sure to machine-wash your curtains only if the fabric comes with a label that states they are washable. In case they have any embellishments or are made of fabrics that are delicate, it is ideal for them to be dry-cleaned.
  • Well at work by Krishna Shekhawat ??????
Harshika Home Furnishing Polyester Transparent Heavy Lining Floral Net Tissue 4 x 7 Feet Door Curtains,Set of 2 Pecs,Size : (4 x 7 Feet) White Colour - Product Features
  • Material: Sheer Tissue Net High Quality Polyester
  • Package Contents: 2 Pecs Net Curtains For Window Use
  • Sheer Floral Net Curtain , Semi-Transparent Curtain
  • EASY CARE: The curtains are easy to maintain - just machine wash them in a 'gentle' cycle, or hand wash them - no expensive dry cleaning required! Our fabric is pre-treated to ensure that shrinkage post wash is controlled to 4%. We have also added extra length to the curtain to compensate for shrinkage post washing. We only use high quality dyes - you can rest assured that the color will not run with any number of washes.
  • Care Instructions: Normal machine washable in cold water

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Your home and the way you choose to maintain it can say a lot about your taste, personality and class. A well-maintained and tidy house is a direct reflection of your grace and method. Bed linen and bed linen are essential elements of the interior design. They must be chosen with care and consideration.
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Over time, an unprotected mattress may be marked or stained. Whether it's the natural perspiration produced during the night or when your baby wets the bed, the moisture can cross a standard sheet of fabric and create a yellow-brown mark where it has been absorbed by the top surface of the mattress. Increase life and keep your mattress comfortable longer using a mattress protector. They reduce general wear and keep your bedding cleaner for a long time.

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Many brands offer different types of mattress protectors online. These mattress protectors are very convenient to use because they can be removed quickly and easily washed by hand or machine. The most basic mattress protector is a slightly quilted fitted sheet that offers minimal protection against liquids and virtually no protection against mites and allergens. Over the years, new forms of mattress protectors have appeared on the market. They are slightly more expensive than conventional mattress pads. You can also buy waterproof mattress pads online that keep the mattress clean by preventing it from absorbing body sweat, baby urine, or other liquid from spills. Waterproof mattress protectors can be in the form of flat rubberized flannel cushions or specially fitted breathable blankets. These types of protectors are best suited for cold weather. There is also an option with urethane laminate on cotton, which has good wicking properties and does not retain body heat, making it ideal in warm climates.

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Curtains can add a fantastic appeal to your existing pieces. You can try to renovate your curtains to add a touch of luxury to your decor. Curtains are available in fantastic designs, colors and sizes in Amazon's new online showroom. Here we will look at 5 great ways to rearrange your home by simply changing your curtains. Amazon may choose curtains from brands such as Deco Window, House This, Ivy, Maspar and Swayam. Here they are for you to search.

Checked curtains

Have you ever seen what a chessboard looks like? It's a combination of 32 white squares and 32 black squares. The total number of squares that we find on the chessboard is therefore 64. Yes, you have understood. The curtains with a combination of black and white horizontal bars give an architectural look to the curtains. If you are using a home office type facility, you can check the curtains in your room. You can also order your new pair of curtains online. Checked curtains also add to a contemporary and elegant appeal.

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